I wasn’t always invested in myself.  As a kid, I was chubby and unmotivated.  Thankfully, like many teenagers I got into sports, and played basketball throughout high school and college.  But after graduation, I was left asking “what do I do now?”  The effortless active lifestyle I had come to rely on was replaced with a 9-5 office schedule, and I quickly found the weight that I had lost was piling back on with a vengeance.  Like most busy adults…..I did nothing, I got heavier, and my apathy towards my own health returned.  I let complacency get in the way of actually living and enjoying my life.

At 70 pounds overweight, I found myself stuck!  Stuck in the busyness of life, being overwhelmed as a new dad, giving in to the habitual nature of time, and failing as a husband and leader to my family.  Yep!  A normal person, new parent, and lost soul that didn’t realize there was so much more in store for his life than he could ever imagine.  That all changed when physical fitness became a part of my everyday life!

While I first began my fitness journey for me, the results went well beyond the physical.  It sparked my spirit, ignited my passion, and began to fuel my life.  Now, my goal is to help YOU refocus your purpose.  I want to encourage as many people as possible to believe that they can find their fit and live a quality life.

No matter your fitness level or goals, I can help you achieve a healthier, happier body.

  • NESTA Certified Adventure Boot Camp instructor
  • ACE certified personal fitness trainer
  • Multiple years experience as a wellness coach at his local YMCA
  • Certified by The American Heart Association in CPR
  • Graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College in 1999 and holds a bachelors degree in Business
  • Insanity Live Certified Instructor
  • Cize Live Certified Instructor
  • AMPD Kettle bell Certified Instructor (past)

If someone said “because Dan encouraged me, believed in me, and pushed me to keep going, I got in shape and my life is better for it,” that would be the biggest compliment I could receive.  There’s nothing more beneficial as a trainer than to hear those words of affirmation, that you’ve changed someone’s life.


I’m just one person.  My bootcamp allows me to help local people within a 20 mile radius, who have the time to be physically present at my sessions.  I love interacting with my clients in person, but my ability to help others who aren’t within driving distance is stunted on my own.  With programs like Beachbody and online coaching, I get to expand my sphere of influence to the entire country, and help as many people as possible get healthy.

My bootcamp is a phenomenal program, but realistically, some people are going to need a different fitness solution.  I have a responsibility to provide as many options as possible to my clients so they have no excuse to get fit.


What do my clients think about me?  Are my services worth it?  Check out a few testimonials and see for yourself!  If you’re a current client, please consider leaving us a review and letting others know how my programs have allowed you to reach your fitness goals.