Part 3: Many solutions Down the Road of Success



So picking up where we left off in part 2, I’m now a personal trainer. Let me rephrase that…I’m a personal trainer with no real plan other than the knowledge that I like to workout now and I have a cool new title. There was no real plan. I became a trainer to selfishly help myself be more accountable. When that realization hit and sunk in, I began to pray to God to show me what HE had for me now that there was a new possibility for my future.

If you can remember way to the beginning of my story, I was stuck. That wasn’t just a physical stuck. I was in a job that I was not passionate about, exhausted from long hours at work, and really searching for what it was God had for me in this life. I honestly, at 31 years old felt like life was done and a product of “it is what it is.” “I’m too old to do anything new in life.” Man! What a lie that was. My mind was trapped and blind to all the possibilities in this life. Physical fitness started me down a road that would eventually lead to me leaving a family business (that I was supposed to take over) where I worked for 12 years out of college and propel me into a world of fitness, encouragement, and impact.

So what message am I trying to relay here?

I’m trying to make you realize that just by making the decision to get physically fit and having the courage to start your journey, you too can have an impact in this life (not only on yourself but others) that can be bigger than you ever imagined. As long as we are walking the earth, we have the ability to do great things. The key is that you have to start your journey. The start is the hardest. The start is where I help you. Like I said, there is no “one solution fits all.” I promise you that. We all have different schedules, different priorities, different expectations. The one thing that I do feel is the same is that we can not do it on our own. That is where I come in. My mission is to you regain confidence in who you are and I feel that is best done when we start with physical fitness. I will help you find the solution that works best for you. It’s about community, whether we workout face to face, online or at our place of business. Together, we can have a lasting impact on this world.